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  • "The Spiritism is, the spirit in community, and the spirit is a breath or spark of divinity of the creator, and is, therefore, as the creator is coeternal, and the Father, throws to work with the germ of progress, although ignorant of evil and simple ...Read More
  • The Magnetic-Spiritual School of Universal Commune is a non-profit organization, whose objective is the study of the doctrines which tend to provide a basis for the study perpetual, through objective analysis, rational philosophy of "Spiritism Light and truth" for the usufruct of mankind ... Leer más
  • We emphasize the difference between Spiritualism and Spiritism: They are not the same concept, being a religious the spiritualism, usually performed by purposes trickery and fraud, and ignore or deny the philosophical principles of Spiritism essentially axiomatic. Leer más
  • We provide access to books for reading on the Internet (only) through the available means and most reliable, for its availability anywhere in the world. All will be updated and corrected for possible errors and improving them for easier access in the future ... Leer más

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Joaquin Trincado's Biography

Joaquin TrincadoDiverse writings have been cited so very little that is known of the life and work of Joaquín Trincado Matheo, as philosopher and educator of humanities mostly of his childhood and how he spent his youth before his arrival in America. However, his autobiography posted on The Balance on July 31, 1963, never appeared, although at the time this document was the official organ of the MSS of UC.


Who are We?

filosofiaThe Magnetic-Spiritual School of Universal Commune (Acronym MSSUC or EMECU), is a non-profit organization, founded in 1911 by Joaquin Trincado Mattheo (1866-1935), whose aim is the study of the doctrines proposed himself, in fact EMECU is its body of doctrines encapsulated in 14 works written by its founder, which do not seek to replace the Bible, or any of its related, but constitute a perpetual basis for the study, through objective analysis , rational philosophy of "Spiritism Light and Truth" for usufruct of mankind.



Great Errors by Manipulation

We present these videos for individual analysis, the objective and rational view of the facts ... Consequently reviewing the facts of the recent past that the handling and the private interest of a fraction of men are motivated by the interpretation rigged procedures, defined the choice of a General Director, which according to its justifications, was designed for carrying out functions of a temporary nature for a very short period, after which the election is determined, in line with the precepts contained in the Code of Universal Love.


Circular Nr 1

Circular of informative character for general knowledge originating from former Regional Ex-Warden in relation to the support of the General Director Victor Rolando Trincado.

Circular Nr. 2

Circular in response to Circular No. 1, and defining the position of Colombian Regional Chair No. 178 in conjunction with the economic support of Brother Victor Rolando Trincado.


Circular Nr. 3

Organizational and informative circular regarding the position of Colombian Regional Chair No. 178 regarding the Director General of the EMECU.


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The School, aims to human brotherhood and 'Commune', without parcels and borders, no man is a stranger anywhere. - Joaquin Trincado

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  • filosofia austeraRecopilación de todas las escuelas y religiones de 57 siglos. Páginas nuevas que habían sido ocultadas. La formación del alma humana y aparición del hombre en la tierra. La verdad historica sobre Jesús. Juicio critico austero a las filosofías. Materialismo sistemático. Espiritualismo y Regliciones. Expone el régimen comunista. Deja en todo la verdad descubierta, abarcando todas las acciones y fenómenos de la vida, llevando a la matemática, al espíritu y al creador. ¿Qué más puede hacer?.

  • Espiritismo EstudiadoTambien conocido como Politica del Creador y Gobierno del Espiritismo. Imposible ser hombre moral, racional, socail ni científico, sin los conocimientos de este libro. Más imposible ser espiritísta, ni entender el Espiritismo Luz y Verdad, sin apropiarse de lo que enseña "El espiritismo Estudiado". en él se consagra un solo Espiritísmo, un solo modo de estudio y comprensión.

  • Espiritismo en su AsientoGran monumento de instrucción y verdad suprema, después del cual, todos querrán y serán espiritistas declarados, aunque negando, no pueden dejar de serlo: pero aquí se expone en toda su luz, tras del cual todos los hombres corren. En su estudio cesan la incertidumbre y la agonía de la humanidad, porque necesariamente anula las causas.


  • Primer Rayo de LuzEl Primer Rayo de Luz, es la biblioteca más grande en la que están juzgadas la ciencia y la religión en su antagonismo y los hombres como científicos y como religiosos y definido el Espiritualismo como antagónico del Espiritismo. Abarca los más grandes problemas metafísicos.